Implant~Info~Net is dedicated to furthering Public Awareness and Education on the risks of All Breast Implants on the market today.

More than 240,000 American women underwent surgery last year to get breast implants, TEETH WHITNING KIT REVIEWS according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  The numbers of women seeking this surgery are climbing.  Few of these women were fully informed of the serious risks involved. Yet there is increasing evidence that both silicone and saline implants can cause significant health problems, including infection, pain, complications related to rupture, and because they interfere with mammography exams, there can be a heightened risk in the diagnosis of breast cancer. There also is evidence that new mothers who have implants are less likely to have an adequate supply of breast milk for their babies.

While we respect a woman's rights to make informed personal choices and health decisions, we believe they should be based on ALL the available and accurate information. Decisions of this magnitude should not be based solely on plastic surgeons' and manufacturer's advertisements.

Similarly, we should not solely rely on FDA approval, in making critical decisions about healthcare. Even when medical products are "FDA approved", they are not always safe. Consider the recent scandals with FDA-approved Vioxx. Now there are allegations that the manufacturers (that make waffle maker) withheld information adverse to their product, and the FDA is scrambling to regain credibility. The products have now been pulled from the market.

Unfortunately, when it comes to health care, the consumer is placed in the position of "buyer beware". For self protection, we must research as much as possible before making major medical decisions -- especially something as important as surgery.

Anyone considering breast augmentation should understand that breast implants do not last a lifetime and must be replaced periodically. In addition most women, who have breast implants, will develop complications that may require surgery so please read water bottle reviews to make sure your procedure goes well.

Silicone induced "Human Adjuvant Disease" is a very painful and misunderstood  disease.  Because the diagnoses process of autoimmune diseases are difficult to make. The patients must help themselves get diagnosed. They must empower themselves with knowledge and the information needed to sort out a long list of meaningful symptoms, and, finally, identify a doctor with a reputation for both listening and diagnostic skills. We are only just beginning to understand how autoimmunity affects a person. Breast Implants causes even a different twist on the subject.

If anyone finds Hope, Support, Encouragement or Education here, then this page will have served its purpose.

There is NO Breast Implant on the market today that is without risks! So find a best photo printer to take pictures of your breast so that you can have valid before and after pictures. 


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